1992, Câmpulung Muscel.

The state-owned car factory just went bankrupt and will be privatised in a week. The buyer is a French company planning to convert the plant into a snail cannery. Only 300 of the 3000 workers will keep their jobs.

George Petrescu, the union leader – late thirties, married, one child – lives on monthly wage of 100 dollars, like everyone else in town. He is a sort of charming provincial Don Juan. Late one night, unable to sleep, he sees an advertisement on TV for a sperm bank in Bucharest paying 50 dollars for each donation. This gives him an idea to save the plant and his fellows’ jobs. If 1000 of the young workers sold their sperm for a week, they could raise enough money to buy the plant and the license for a new engine. They could restart production,be back in business and everyone would have a job.